Mr. Grips and the boys.


Death Grips is an experimental hip hop trio from Sacramento, California. The group formed in 2010 and has released 7 full length projects, quickly amassing a cult following on the internet. Their music is abrasive and aggressive, drawing influence from many genres including punk, electronic, noise and industrial. Each of their projects has its own distinct style and sound. I recommend their 2011 debut 2011 LP The Money Store if you aren’t familiar with their music.

Besides the names of the members, not much is known about their personal lives, especially that of frontman MC Ride. They have only done a small handful of interviews, and haven’t given an interview in at least 7 years.

Their lyrics are often brazenly violent, esoteric, paranoia inducing, and filled with occult imagery and references. Check out this promotional video for their 2019 LP Year of the Snitch and tell me they’re not into weird shit.

22 is going to be a recurring theme today, folks.

Death Grips has also a history of incorporating popular occult practices into their music, most especially numerology. Their 3rd album Government Plates was released for free on their website exactly 13 months, 13 days, and 13 hours after the previous album. The band also revealed the release date for Bottomless Pit by encoding the date into the back cover of the album.

On the back cover tracklist, tracks “5” and “6” are listed as “05” and “06”. Bottomless Pit was indeed released on May 6th, as detail oriented fans accurately predicted.


Numerology is the study of the occult meaning of numbers, and their mystical relationship to coinciding events. Most consider numerology strictly belonging to pseudo science or merely paranormal superstition, as our own psychology is prone to finding patterns in nature. Numerology is a very broad topic that I won’t be trying to convince you of in this article – but I highly recommend studying it and deciding for yourself what to believe.

I believe math and numbers to be the language of the universe. Look no further than the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio in nature, and gematria to get deeper into numerology.

Today we are going to be delving into the master number 22. In numerology, every number is significant and carries various meanings, but there are three so called “Master Numbers” that carry profound and powerful meanings. They are 11, 22, and 33. The Master number 22 holds more power than any other number, nicknamed the master builder.


Quite the title. Let’s just call it “Steroids.”

Steroids was released without prior announcement via the group’s FaceBook page on 5/22/17, at approximately 22:09 BST. The track is exactly 22 minutes, 31 seconds in length. Steroids features chaotic electronic production that sounds like it came from the year 2033. I think it’s their best project, so do yourself a favor and give it a listen while you read this.

Taken from The Manchester Bombing wikipedia page.

22 minutes after this song came out, one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the UK took place at the Manchester Arena, located in Manchester, England. Immediately after an Ariana Grande concert a suicide bomber detonated his improvised explosive device in the foyer, which claimed the lives of 22 concert-goers and parents waiting at the entrance to pick up their children from the show.

The suicide bomber was Salman Ramadan Abedia, a 22 year old of Libyan ancestry.

If you’re not convinced of the strange occurrences of the number 22 with this event, fear not! Snopes is to the rescue, claiming this as mostly false.



Here’s where things get weird. There are two direct and explicit references to the Manchester Arena Bombing contained within the lyrics to Steroids. I’m not sure this one needs much explaining. All news articles written about The Manchester Arena bombing specifically mention Salman’s use of “improvised explosives.”

Arianna Grande was on her 2017 “Dangerous Woman Tour” following the release of her Dangerous Woman album. As you can see, both the album cover and promotional material feature Ariana adorned in rabbit ears. Not only that, she performed live with the rabbit ears on for the duration of the show.

Have a listen to the lyrics yourself.

Exit wounds from the 22 victims of the improvised explosives that Ride admires. And of course, the rabbit ears of Arianna Grande. But we’re not quite at the end of this rabbit hole…


In 2014, Death Grips created a Twitter account under the moniker “bbpoltergiest”. Initially Death Grips did not publically endorse the account as their own, but it has since been confirmed. This Twitter account famously only followed one person for several years. Any guesses as to who they followed?

They no longer follow any accounts.

In simple gematria, (A=1, B=2, etc) bb would be 22. Their handle can be read as “22 poltergeist”, which is rather odd.


Following Steroids, the group’s next full length project was Year of the Snitch released on 6-22-18, exactly 13 months after Steroids. There were 13 full moons during this time period. Death Grips has often used lunar events to time the release of their music, and astrotheology is common motif throughout their work.

Perhaps this new project is simply a taunting to others of their own occult powers. It has been a year since they performed this occult ritual, and the band is the snitch, as they left clues in the lyrics.

One of the members of group, Andy Morin, has owned a site called a2b2 since 2010. Currently, the site is in “Phase 1” and is an image board with commenting features similar to 4chan.

We live in a world of coincidences and high strangeness. Does life imitate art or is the other way around? I find exploring connections more interesting than drawing conclusions.

Here’s a YouTube video of this article:

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